Samuel Unger Family from Bielsko-Biala and Kamesznica,Zywiec, Poland #poland #galicia

Joyce Eastman

I am seeking information regarding the spouse and children of Samuel Unger.  I have received recent information that Samuel Unger is possibly the father of Fani Rufeisen (mother of Oswald Rufeisen/Father Daniel).  In order to prove this assumption, I am looking for more information regarding Samuel Unger, that indicates his spouse as well as his children.  All I am sure of is that he also had a daughter, Augusta, who is the sister of Fani, according to the book of Oswald Rufeisen's life (In The Lion's Den) written by Nechama Tec.  However, the book only mentions the married surname of Augusta - which is Seifter.  Augusta Seifer's Page of Testimony shows her father's name only as Samuel.  I have tried to find more information on FamilySearch, GesherGalicia, JRI-Poland as well as JewishGen, but did not find anything there.  Any assistance you can provide regarding the parentage of Augusta and Fani would be most appreciated.

Joyce Eastman

Jessica Skippon

I have a copy of a book, ZYCIE Wedlug Wartosci, written by dr Jacek Proszyk, the archivist at the Bielsko Biala Castle Museum about the Jewish Community over time. The book is written in Polish but comes with a CD of the English version, which I will continue looking for. The book relies heavily on written sources, which are mostly about men and almost no genealogical information. He mentions Edmund and Josef Unger, Jakob, Joachim and Leo Seifter and Josef Rufeisen, but no women. The author's email is proszyk@.... Nice man, very happy to share what he knows.

My grandmother, Ida Schanzer, born 1885 in Andrychau, moved to Bielitz Bialy. I have a school photo of her class, must be about 1898 at the Jewish Girls' School. Can anyone suggest where I might post it?

Jessica Skippon
SCHANZER in Wadowice and Andrychau
BORGER and BIRN in Andrychau


I believe Samuel Unger was my great great grandfather. He left Poland in 1912 under the Russian pograms. My father is Stephen Robert Unger. His father, one son of Samuel, was Irving. His brother is Arthur Unger still alive at 91 in Boca Raton. Then there was Herbert. Irving passed away in the late 1970s from prostate cancer. Herbert, I am not sure. His mom are still alive. Carol Unger Rubin lives in Georgia. Please let me know if this is the same Samuel. I think he had a brother Jacob and another one John. I heard a story about one of them starting a community in the forests of Austria-Hungary. 

Sam G.

Highly recommend Jacek Proszyk as a resource.   He was able to dig up my grandfather's 1894 school records from the Skotschau Volksschule.
-Amnon Gronner, USA