Searching KESSLER, Brooklyn, NY #usa


My father always spoke about a cousin named Magda Kessler who visited from Israel; does this name sound familiar to anyone?  On my father's side (all from Hungary) I am researching ZORN, BRAUN, SCHWARTZ, and KLEIN.

Hilary Wolf


My uncle's wife (my aunt Susan) is a Kessler.  Her father was Jack Jacob Louis Kessler born in New York. His dad was Abraham Kessler  born in Russia about 1886. If it rings a bell, I will be happy to get you guys in touch
Lia Sragovicz

Erica Fox Zabusky

I know the Kessler family well. Stuart was my father's best friend growing up in Brooklyn in the '30s-40s; they attended Brooklyn Tech together. Sadly, Stuart died a year or two ago, but I am still in touch with his wife. I am happy to contact her to connect you. She may know about Stuart's family. They have 3 sons, but I'm not sure how involved they are with their relatives.

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Erica Fox Zabusky
ZABUSKI - Czestochowa, Sochaczew
FRYDMANN - Sochaczew
BRAUN, PANKOWSKI - Czestochowa
FIKSEL, RUDMAN - Izaslav, Slavuta, Odessa, Kharkov
POLISZUK, GOLDMAN - Izaslav, Slavuta


My family is KESSLER from Brooklyn originally from Starrokonstaniov, Ukraine. My great grandfather Aaron KESSLER and Lena SACHS. My grandfather Abraham KESSLER and Frieda LURIE. My dad Frederick KESSLER and Joan KEILES. 

Unfortunately I don’t know if there is a connection to Harold KESSLER.




Searching (probably Brooklyn, NY) family of Beatrice (COHEN) KESSLER, husband: Harold KESSLER.  They have 1 (known) child: Stuart KESSLER, b. 1949.  Beatrice is one of two daughters of my grandmother’s brother, my great uncle, Julius COHEN, w: Clara (OFFMAN/HOFFMAN) COHEN. Any help appreciated.

Sandi Root,