Late Registrations in the SubCarp Records #subcarpathia

David Zoldan

My question is regarding late registration in the SubCarpathian Records for births and deaths.

In one example, the birth of a relative, Mozes Zoldan, in 1883 in Kispatak, is registered on March 16, 1922.  Mozes had moved to the United States in 1904.  We have no reason whatsoever to think he made a trip back to Europe.  Mozes’s parents, Hers and Chaya both passed away in 1920 and 1918 respectively.

Who would have any need to register this birth of a man who left the country 20 years before, never to return. 

It has been suggested to me that perhaps there was a need to do this in order to claim some type of estate inheritance.  Could that be?  Are there any records for this?  Does anyone have a family story or can prove that a relative needed to register a late birth for this or any other reason

Also who would have the ability to register the person.  Could anybody just register somebody’s birth.  In the case of Mozes Zoldan’s birth record there is not even a signatory.

I also recently encountered a Neuman whose 1877 death in Hukliva was registered in 1922 in Volocz.  Again, what would anyone gain from registering this death 45 years after the fact.

So this has come up a lot.  I have also heard suggestions that due to the new world order after WWI many people who were not registered wanted to register then.  But this does not explain the need for Mozes Zoldan to have his birth registered.

I would be happy to hear from anyone else who has encountered this or from anyone with a suggestion.


David Zoldan

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Susan H. Sachs

I don't know what applies in these specific cases - but both of them are after the area changed from Hungarian rule to Czechoslovakian following the Trianon agreement of 1920.

Jeff at SG

I encountered a similar situation with a marriage record. My wife's grandmother, from Nagy Turjajog in subcarpathia. came to NYC in 1905. Her husband was from a town near Serednye and came to the US in 1900. They met in NYC and they were married in NYC in 1907. I have their marriage certificate.

Yet, in researching in the old country records I found a record of their marriage (it was definitely them, no errors) in the Serednye synagogue records dated about 6 months before the NYC marriage and long after she had left Hungary (it was Hungary then) and long after she had arrived in NYC.

I never resolved that mystery. It was not a record of 'engagement' but of a marriage that had not yet happened in the US. I do not think they had even met yet in the us.

Jeff Malka