Information Tuetz (Tuczno) - Marienwerder - W. Prussia #poland

Paulo A Abrahamsohn

How can I get information on Tuetz (Tuczno) and Marienwerder (Kwidzyn), formerly Prussia, now Poland?
My grandfather and his brother fled from Russia to Tuetz (1860s) and later lived in Marienwerder, both places in Prussia, now Poland. I don't know anything about them during these periods of their lives. How can I get information about them in civil records and in Synagogue or Jewish community records?
Paulo Abrahamsohn, São Paulo, Brazil.

Peter Lowe

Have you tried the Marienwerder records available from this link ?:

I am only aware of surviving Jewish records of Tütz from before 1820, which was when my paternal ancestors lived there. 

Have you added your family to the collaborative Geni Tree  ( free to use as a Basic member) ?