Arolsen Archives search available online!! #holocaust

R. Reuven K. Koffler

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Many thanks for your very helpful remarks.  I have been in touch with them some five years ago, and had a similar experience. Since I could not travel to Arolsen, I was in touch with different assistants, 
did not understand why, was not sure if multiple requests were not seen in a negative light. Is it possible that a visit to Arolsen will enable one to see material in addition to what one may get after filling out 
an inquiry form and getting an answer? Must an appointment be fixed before visiting the facility? 

Kind regards,

Reuven Koffler, Jerusalem


The search feature at the Arolson Archives website is far from complete. If anyone wishes to get information from them, you really need to fill out an inquiry form  available on their website. I have used this method extensively for the last 10 years, but usually multiple requests are needed to get all the information you may need or want. I have visited the facility on several trips to Germany. The institute has undergone a major re-organization. The immense amount of records they have is far from being completely organized. The researcher that will help you fulfill your request is hindered by the incomplete organization of the stored records. That is why multiple requests is helpful, because chances are you will get a different research assistant who may locate  information that may have been missed by the previous research assistant. When I first visited Bad Aroloson, I was allowed to search the original documents. This is no longer possible, because of preservation concerns. This is by no means a criticism of their work, only an observation by someone who has extensively researched their holdings.


Maybe I am dense, but I have never seen this before and just stumbled on it.
This link takes you to the Arolsen Archives and you can search for names.

After you enter the search name a short list will appear on the left. At the bottom of the short list click on the "Show all search results +" box and they will all show up. You might have to page through (at the bottom) to see all the rest of the names. Images of the items they have for each person will appear on the right.

This is a tremendous resource.

Have fun searching.

Larry Bassist
Springville, Utah, USA