Belchatow Poland Book of Residents Additions on JRI-Poland #poland #announcements


When JRI-Poland added the Belchatow Book of Residents to the database over 13 years ago, we were limited to adding people that were born in the 19th Century.   Now that the Polish State Archives had made all of the images live, we were able to add all of the Jewish residents born in the 20th Century births and link all the entries!  Let me say that again.  ALL of the entries are linked to the scanned images from the Belchatow Book of Residents and are live on the JRI-Poland database -

Book of Residents are known in Polish as Księgi/Spis Ludności and in Congress Poland each community was required to maintain an ongoing census-like record of all legal residents of the community. The information was recorded in huge volumes and organized by house number.  More information can be found on Book of Residents at    Not all town Book of Residents survived but Belchatowers are happy that their town did.

Belchatow is located 26 miles south of Lodz and 13 miles west of Piotrkow Trybunalski and by 1939, fifty percent of the population was Jewish.

Many thanks go to Andrzej Selerowicz who lovingly worked on this project for his birth town.  The JRI-Poland would also like to thank Roni Seibel Liebowitz,  the original Belchatow leader, who worked on many projects to remember her ancestral town. 

Hadassah Lipsius