Looking for descendants of Mordke And Sarah Weiss from Lodz or Klwow Poland #poland

stephen cohen

A branch of my kolatnik family from Lodz and Klwow, Poland came to NYC in 1910. Two siblings Sarah Kolatnik (born 1890) and Lejbus Kolatnik (born 1894).

Sarah Kolatnik married Mordke Weiss in Klwow, Poland in 1910. According to their ship manifest in 1910 to NYC they from left Brzeziny Poland and were going to 88 E 3rd St in Manhattan to stay with a cousin, Nathan Weiss. Two weeks later Lejbus Kolatnik came to NYC and was going to stay with his brother in law Mordke Weiss at the same address 88 E 3 rd St.

Any thoughts on how to trace this family in the US. Having difficulty finding them in census records. Difficulty is that Lejbus Kolatnik likely changed his name to something like Louis or leonard or Larry Cohen. (Other branches of my Kolatnik family changed the surname to Cohen) and not sure what name Mordke Weiss would have gone by in NYC as well. Maybe Morris or max?

Stephen Cohen

Sherri Bobish

Hi Stephen,

You could try using the free site and put the town of birth into "birthplace" and leave all else blank.  You can browse through all the hits you get and perhaps see a name that he might have used. 

Doing this may pick up such records as WW1 draft cards, WW11 "old man" draft cards, and many others.

You can use this trick at Ancestry also, if you have a subscription, or access through your public library.  Our library is allowing us to access Ancestry through our home computers since we went into lockdown a few months ago.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ