Need help to locate family in Mukachevo-Munkacs #ukraine


I am trying to get some information on Abraham Friedman he lived in Mukachevo and died there in 1983 He is buried in the new Jewish cemetery 
how can I find more info on him?
i would like to find out if he had kids?
Thanks in Advance.
Toivy Kahan


I wonder, were/are your Friedman Family from Munkachevo  -Kohanim or Yisroel?

Do you have any 'other' family info? 

I am a nee Friedman, so was My late Mother-in law.

To my knowledge, my late mother-in law's  grandfather was Dayan Zvi- Hakoheb Friedman--Dayan of Beregovo/ Kezmark ? 

I wonder, what is written on his -Abraham Friedman's Matzevah?

Guth Wocht
Veronika Pachtinger


They were Yisroel 
 Originally from nagymuzsaly