Gussie HERZTIEL/HERSTEIN #austria-czech #poland


I want to go back past my 2nd great grandmother, Gussie SCHOENHERTZ.  I have tried to research on JewishGen, JRI-Poland and Gesher-Galicia but I cannot get information to confirm.  I do not know how the names translate to Austria/Poland.  

Records indicate Gussie was born 12/15/1871 in Galicia Austria. She died in Manhattan, NY on 2/19/1947. I have her death certificate and her parents are listed as Chaskall HERSTEIN and Rachael RABINOWITZ, but on her grave stone it says her father was named Dov Ber.

Some names from other records show her as Gossi, Augusta, Gossie. Two birth records for her babies have her maiden name as HERZTIEL.  I match DNA with a HERSTEL, but his grandfather was adopted and he does not have any information.

She immigrated to NY from Bremen Germany on 9/14/1900. She filled out a Declaration of Intent on 6/15/1921 and her Petition of Naturalization was filed out 6/23/1923. . She was married to Sam/Osais SCHONHERTZ who immigrated to NY in 1900. 

My question is this (aside from if you can help me) if I cannot find anything from the above sites, does that mean there is nothing that I can get to go back generations?

Thank you for your time,
Gilda Oldham
Boca Raton, FL