Relationship question #general

Ellen Gottfried

According to their children, Annie WALDHORN and Aron KENIG were sister
and brother. On Annie's marriage record, her parents are listed as
Louis and Pauline. Aron's application for Social Security gives his
parents as Malka and Judah. When Annie died, her death certificate
said her name was Annie KENIG NADLER. How could siblings have parents
with different names?
Thank you for your help. Ellen GOTTFRIED, Plainview, NY

Sally Bruckheimer

Many years ago, when early deaths were common, kids often took the family name of the stepfather after their widowed mother remarried. It is possible that one or both of these children, Annie WALDHORN and Aron KENIG, did this. If the death certificate says her name was Annie KENIG NADLER, then married WALDHORN, this might have happened here.

Annie might have been born to the mother and father KENIG, but her mother was widowed and remarried NADLER. Since you don't have all the first names, we have a lot of 'wiggle room'. It is possible too, that her mother died then, and her stepfather remarried, so that the children might only have known the stepfather and 2nd (or third) wife. Things weren't officially recorded if a parent died and the remaining parent remarried. It is so sad to see a 20 year old widow or widower remarrying.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Nicole Heymans

My mother's aunt married a widower with 4 very young children, some time in the 1920s. The grandchildren were adults before they discovered grandma was not their biological grandma.
Death records are notoriously unreliable because they rely on what informants think they know. Maybe Annie was married to or widow of a NADLER when she died, but had previously been married to a WALDHORN. Maybe Aron and Annie followed different religious paths, and one described her parents using secular names and the other used Jewish names.
Happy hunting, Nicole Heymans, Belgium