Looking for family of Julius JACOB who emigrated to Australia in 1939 from Willmars, Germany #germany #general


I'm on the trail of a 1st cousing once removed, born in Willmars, Germany (1876), who emigrated to Australia in 1939. I have just ordered documents from the Australian National Archives (thanks to a suggestion in another post), but he is not on any passenger list there.  A record in the Australia Index of Burials says he died in on July 14,1957 ,and is buried in the Rookwood Cemetery  NSW.  Any suggestions on how to find information on his family etc during his life in Australia would be appreciated.

Rodney Eisfelder

Dear Dmjacobs,
Julius Jacob, born 5-May-1876, died 14-Jul-1957 is buried next to Berta Jacob (nee Rheinganum), born 11-Jun-1887, died 5-Jul-1941. She is presumably his wife.
You can do the search yourself from http://www.rookwoodjewishcemetery.com.au/
and view the headstone.
Several files in the National Archives https://www.naa.gov.au/  state that he arrived on the "NIAGARA" on 11-Mar-1939
however, I haven't found Berta's arrival documented. The evidence may be in one of Julius's files, which have not yet been digitized.

I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Carol Lieberman

Strange. My uncle Julius Jacobs known here as Jay lived in Corsicana Texas and passed in 1970s or 80s. If that holds any interest let me know and zI will try and see if dates and connections are possible.