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Harlan Weller

I have uploaded a picture of my ggm's tombstone from Svir as Viewmate # 82731 and asked for assistance in translating.  Two people have been kind enough to respond, but they were unable to read the material at the bottom of the tombstone.  Luckily, I have the attached picture from 100 years ago which shows my ggf standing next to the stone.  Perhaps that will help.

p.s. The newer picture was downloaded from a newspaper article about 5 years ago (I think it was in Israel Today) reporting on a college student trip to fix up the cemetery.  Imagine my surprise when I saw a photograph that accompanied the article and recognized it as a picture of my ggm's tombstone.


She gave charity and grace, she holds out her hand to the poor, our modest (humble) mother, Chaya daughter of Chaim, the wife of Baruch son of Israel Berger, Passed away* 21 of Tevet 5'674, R, I, P, (literally: may her soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life)
* Before the date there are 3 letters ינב which  I don't know their meaning in this context (I looked up and did not find any relevant Hebrew abbreviations except יגן עלינו- will protect us) so I assumed it referred to the death date.
21 of Tevet 5'674 is  19th of January 1914
all the best

David Barrett

I think I can be of asssitance here.  

יצאה נשמתה בטהרה


Her soul left purified [ on the date] >