Help with Lithuania shtetl name #lithuania

Hugh Harvey

I obtained my grandfather’s birth certificate from the Lithuanian state archives and it shows his birthplace as Vidugora. I’ve never been able to find anything about this place - all I know is that it is probably near Pasvalys and/or Ponevezh.
Can anyone provide any info?
Hugh Harvey
Forest Hills NY

Adam Turner

Searching the JewishGen Gazetteer for "Vidugora" gives two places with the name Vidgiriai, both not far apart from one another, in the general area of Panevezys that could be candidates:
55°45' N 24°58' E: 

That said, the only clear mention in the LitvakSIG database that mentions "Vidugora" around Panevezys/Pasvalys is for a birth that was evidently registered in the shtetl of Salociai for a family that was registered in Pasvalys. Salociai is not super close to either of the above possibilities - about 40 miles away. As Salociai is less than 3 miles from the current Latvian border, and the name "Vidgiriai" appears to be rather common in Lithuania (the Gazetteer shows at least 6 villages by this name in various parts of the country), I wonder whether the Vidugora being referred to in your grandfather's birth record could actually be one of the following:

1) a village that is today on the Latvian side of the border.
2) a village that today has a different name, perhaps because it was eventually subsumed into some other, larger nearby village as the latter village grew.

Adam Turner
San Francisco, CA


I used a Daitch-Mokotoff search
on the JewishGen Gazatter (more places, less specifically Jewish)
and searched on only the consonants in the name (VDGR).

The search returned a long list, but these are the places in Lithuania:

You can check each one out on Google maps to see which ones are close to Pasvalys and/or Ponevezh.

You didn't include your grandfather's date of birth, but it is possible that they were the only Jews in town so that there is not much research on that place.  Or, they may have other records recorded as part of the Jewish community in a nearby town.

Keep us posted on what you find!

Peggy Mosinger Freedman

Judith Singer

Vidugora is probably Vidugiriai. The JewishGen Gazetteer includes two communities in Lithuania with the name Vidugariai, both of which are near Panevezys (known under Russian rule as Ponevezh)::

Vidugiriai, Vidugirtsy, Vidugirtsay populated place 55°38' N 24°55' E G Lithuania 23.1 miles ESE of Panevė�ys (Ponevezh) 55°44' N 24°21' E
Vidugiriai, Vidugirtsy populated place 55°45' N 24°58' E G Lithuania 24.0 miles E of Panevė�ys (Ponevezh) 55°44' N 24°21' E

I can't tell which of these would be your grandfather's birthplace but now at least you have a starting place. 

Good luck - Judith Singer