Looking for Marczak ancestors from Chotin #bessarabia


My ancestors lived in Bukovina, more specific: Bojan, Vienna (later). I found my second great-grandfather David Hersch Marczak (born around 1835), who married three times and had children from every marriage. According to the Czernowitz Marriage records he is a son of Nachman from Chotin and of Gitel. I can't find any more information. Does anybody know where to look? 

Thanks in advance!

Yefim Kogan

Hello Maaike,

Do you know if Nachman lived in Chotin or was registered in Chotin?  It is probably written in Czernovitz Marriage record.
I assume that you searched Romania (Bessarabia) Database for these names...

Also I would suggest to register that name/town at JewishGen Family Finder...  I am suggesting this almost in all my messages, but not many follow the advice.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan


Hello Yefim,
thanks for your reply. 
I found on the reference to the Cz marriage record. I never found the original. According to this site David Hersch Marczak was "aus Bojan, Hauseigenthümer Nr. 514, Sohn des Nachman von Chotin in Beßarabien u. der Gitel". That is all I know. 
Do you know whether Nachman is a surname or a given name? And if it's a surname, why has his son an other name (=Marczak)?

I'll take a look at the Family Finder!
Thanks for helping me.