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sharon yampell

I have just uploaded my best friend’s conversion document  and it can be found at


It is very curious that his is completely in Hebrew whereas his father’s, who also converted and  had gone through his conversion with the same Rabbi, has a document that is in both English and Hebrew.


Thank you for taking the time to translate for us!


Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, NJ USA





Hello Sharon,


Interesting document.


This is a conversion certificate

To be evidence in the hand of the man by the name of

Tony Allen Pacelli

From the city of Toledo, Ohio U.S. North America

That came to be protected under the wings of the G_d of Israel

That studied the laws that he has to keep and in front of us the signed below

Accepted the burden of ‘mitzvahs’ and we saw that the ‘mohel’

Let out fromhim blood of the ‘brit for the purpose of conversion and immersed

In a kosher ‘mikveg’ according to the law

Therefore he is, with G_d’s help, a righteous convert

And from this day on he is Israel and

His name in Israel :

David son of Avraham our father

And for evoidence/prof to the above we come to sign 11th day of Iyar in the year 5750

Here in the synagogue “Etz Haim” (Tree of Life)

In Toledo, Ohio U.S. north America


Rabbi Yehuda Zvi son of rabbi Itzhak Garchik

Cantor Yona Arieh son of Mordechai Katzir (Ksirer)

Ya’akov Itzhak son of David Ben-Zion


Shalom, Malka Chosnek