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Judith Shamian

My father Noe Grunfeld was in Orsan Belarus Camp 189 based on information in the Hungarian Paper "Hirek az Elhurcoltakrol" I have not been able to find any information about this 
Labour Camp.  ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated

Dr. Judith Shamian-Grunfeld
Toronto, Canada


Dear Ms. Shamian Grunfeld                                                                                  10th July 2020

My apology, if my memory is not mistaken, we may have exchanged e-mails in the past: re our Grunfeld Ancestors.

I did attempt to contact Eva Grunfeld--in Budapest--unfortunately I was told that sadly she passed away.

Sadly, time and time again I experience 'I am attempting to navigate in a blind alley.

If I am not mistaken--Noach ? Grunfeld may have been a son / or grandson of the Litcheke Rabbi. 

There is a 'sefer' / book about the Litcheke Dynasty--unfortunately  to my knowledge it is not available in English. -- 

I wonder, did you try to contact the Editors of the Paper?  Hirek from the elhurcoltakrol?  News/Information about the Deported.?

If I receive any info, I will update you..

Best wishes

Veronika Pachtinger


I think you are actually referring to Orsha where, according to Avraham Shifrin, there were six labour camps until at least 1967.

Judith Shamian

Thank you re potential correction of Orsha, where can I find more info and potentially list of people who were at the labour camps?