Origin of the name LAJOUS #france


My cousin's wife was born in France to a Jewish mother and a non-Jewish father whose family name is LAJOUS. Does anyone know the origin of the surname?


 oseph Godelnik

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
According to various French genealogical web sites, "Lajous" is a rare name, only 560 persons born since 1890, mainly in South West counties near Pyrennées mountains and Spanich border.
From "La jus", name given in a mountain village to the house located below the village; as a nickname, applies to the inhabitant of this house.
Bernard Flam
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Dr.Josef ASH

from Ludovicus. Luis, Luigy, and many other forms
In Hungarian they pronounse it as Laiosh
Look in Google Laiosh etimology


The Hungarian name Lajos never has a 'u' in it, so given that this is in France, I highly doubt that the surname has anything to do with Ludovicus. Since it's in France, I would parse it as La- "the" and -jous (which according to Bernard Flam's post above may have something to do with "below", either literally or figuratively).

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Hi Everybody                     11th July 2020

I would like to mention--that as I am Hungarian born, in my view: --Lajous   with a strong probability could be  the Hungarian Lajos.

I wonder, do you have another name, in addition to the Lajos/--as Lajos is a 'first name'    Equal? a variation of LASZLO?--Laci ?

Or in my understanding in a 'Slovak' language--might be  Lagyislav--, with 'Cirril' lettering  ( I do not have on my computer)

As for Ludovicus? I wonder it may mean 'son of Ludov'--.

Best wishes to all

Veronika Pachtinger