Hebrew record, is Fani Taub here? #hungary


I am looking for the birth record of Fani Taub, born in Altofen, Budapest in 1812. Please can someone let me know if she is on the record linked below, I can't read Hebrew unfortunately, and I can only see male names on Family Search. Thank you so much for your help!


David Shapiro

Correct, these are all males, because it is not a record of births. It is a record of circumcisions. If you go back to page 6 this is stated clearly (in Hebrew).

David  Shapiro

Yitschok Margareten

This list has only male births, based on circumsizion records. 

Hinda Solomon

The beginning of the registration book is a list of circumcisions which is why it is all males.   Later on it changes to birth records.

Hinda Solomon
Rishon LeZion, Israel 


You might consider contacting the Jewish Community of Budapest; they host several old archive books.

Davide Csermely


Are there many birth records, and for females too? Is it possible to see Fanni Taub here?
Thank you for your help
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