Hebrew Translation of Headstone please #translation

Karen Gramigna-Warren

Could someone please translate the Hebrew on the Headstone?

Thanks in Advance.


Hello Karen,


Mrs.  Chava daughter of reb David

Passed away 15 Adar B 5730 (1970)


Last line abbreviation – may her soul be gathered in eternal life


Shalom, Malka Chosnek

Dubin, David M. MD

Here lies Mr Feivel son of Mr Leib
died 2 Shvat 5630

here lies Ms Chava daughter of Mr David
died 16 Second Adar (it was a leap year with a second month of Adar) 5630
bottom abbreviation stands for may his (or her) souls be bound in the bonds of everlasting life 

Dr.Josef ASH

Mrs Hawa dtr of Mr David
died on 15 of Adar b' year ...
Mr Faiwil son of Mr Leib
died on 20 of Shvat year...
Let his soul be ...