Gospitalna Street in Minsk #belarus

Carl Kaplan

My grandfather came through Ellis Island in 1913. He put down his address as Gospitalna ul. 21 Minsk. At least that is what it looks like to me (see attached). Is there still a Gospitalna Street in Minsk? How can I find out if there was such a street in 1913? Thanks.

Sherri Bobish

Hi Carl,

You might try searching old Eastern European city directories at this free site:


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Dr.Josef ASH

I have found the Gospitalnaya str on the map of the modern Minsk. Big (military) Hospital stands on it. I think it has existed in 1913 too (if your Gf wrote...)
Google showed me the map in Russian.
Good luck!

Kris Murawski

Thiere is a website  (in Russian), https://minsk-old-new.com/life/pereimenovaniya/tablica-pereimenovaniya-ulic, which lists all renamed streets In Minsk, with names in 1911 and in 1989. The Gospitalnaya ulitsa (Hospital Street), was renamed to Kommunisticheskaya ulitsa (Communist Street). (There were also, in 1911, a Hospital Lane 1 and Hospital Lane 2.)
The current name of Communist Street in Minsk in the Belorusan language is Kamunistichnaya (https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Список_улиц_Минска).

Carl Kaplan

Great answers. I went to the suggested link,

There is a website  (in Russian), https://minsk-old-new.com/life/pereimenovaniya/tablica-pereimenovaniya-ulic

There are many entries, all titled Minsk Commemorative Book for different years. I am trying to figure out whether I should get some of them translated. Any chance you know whether they are simply a list of streets, or whether they are actually city directories that might have my family in them. Just curious before I take on a large endeavor. Thanks again.

Gerald and Margaret

Try the Together Plan, a Jewish charity based in Minsk and London:  They will help with all genealogical enquiries