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Susan Miller

A cousin of mine has a document entitled:


"Auszüge aus dem Registern der Juden der Gemeinde Griesheim Kr. Darmstadt"


It concludes with the following text:


"Die Richtigkeit des Auszugs wird bescheinigt.

Griesheim Kreis Darmstadt, den 27. Juli 1938.

Der Bürgermeister."


The body of the document is a list of all family members from the mid-18th century until the date it was prepared in 1938. My cousin always assumed that this was a document that Jews were required to provide to German authorities for their nefarious purposes.  He is interested in the circumstances surrounding the preparation of this document, i.e. 

-Who would have ordered that it be prepared and for what purposes was it ordered?

-How was the family notified that they were required to obtain the document?

-Did Jewish families obtain the list of family members from the Darmstadt city government?

-Was the family required to submit it to the German authorities or was it submitted by the town hall to a German agency?

-Which agency would it have been submitted to?

-How was the information used?


Any information appreciated.

Susan Miller



Eva Lawrence

 It is possible that the document was prepared for some unpleasant purpose.  However, in that case I'm surprised that it still exists, and wasn't destroyed by its owner to avoid the post-war Nazi hunt. It's more likely that the list was made for an interested genealogist. 
 Genealogy was a popular pastime for middle-class men in the  1930s., and I have a similar document sent to my great-uncle, who was  very interested in the history of the family. My father inherited this list, together with his uncle's hobby and used the information he'd collected to good effect to find relatives abroad to help with our emigration.  In fact my very elderly grandmother's visa to England was from along-lost nephew on her family tree.  
Eva Lawrence 
St Albans, UK.