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Thank you Jewishgen for the completion of the Suwalki Yizkor Book.  It is a well-done book which I will purchase several for my family. 

My Siegel family (GF and GM) according to the 1920 federal census listed “Russia Suwalki” as their place of birth (an error which I greatly appreciate). At the time of their arrival to the US (1890) Suwalki was a town and the name of the province.

What did my GF mean? Town or Province? The yizkor book does not list a Siegel in Suwalki or nearby towns that have Yizkor books (they were just poor tailors and not Rabbis or organizer). They arrived here through Castle Gardens and I have no manifests to verify entry, although I have naturalization papers indication arrival in NY on February 1890.

On the maternal side my GM Rebecca Markofsky has several family members coming from Suwalki and nearby towns. In the NY1905 census we find the Siegel family (with 5 children) living in the same building with Abraham Markofsky family (with 7 children). To date I have not been able to link my GM Rebecca Markofsky (DOB 1876) to Abraham Markofsky (DOB 1863). Does this verify with a high degree of certainty that Suwalki is the town or province?

 Also, in the Siegel apartment in the 1905 NY census there is a Lena Siegel, listed as sister in law, indicating she married a brother of my GF Solomon.  I have researched every possible husband and can find no plausible spouse. Can she be related to my GF Solomon in any other way?

I have public trees on ancestry: main tree is (siegel family tree_2b) and a separate tree to research the Markofsky’s (Markofsky/Solomon connection).

Herb Siegel
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Here's a shot in the dark ... my maternal grandmother was Dora Siegel from Seirijai, which is a shtetl in the Suwalki region.  She emigrated to NYC in 1905, and married my grandfather Abraham Teiksler in 1910.  Dor's paarents were Avraham Moshe Siegel and Sylvia Katz.  Does any of this ring a bell?  I should also mention that the name Lena runs in our family.