Tranlsation of Hebrew on four tomb stones in Germany #translation

Richard Oppenheimer

I would appreciate help translating these four tombstones from Hebrew into English. They are for my 4 x  and 5 x grandparents.
Please respond privately to me at R.D.Oppenheimer at
Thank you.


I hope that you do not mind my asking, but I am wondering whether you are aware that you can post these images on the ViewMate page, under the "Tombstone" category.  They normally appear on Sundays and Wednesdays, and there is a large group of helpers who check those postings specifically with the aim of helping to read tombstones.

Additionally, by asking people to respond to you privately via email directly to you, rather than publicly, you make it impossible for others to know whether you've already received responses.  On ViewMate, we can all see each other's replies.  If they are perfect, we can go on to other images.  If there are small details to be added or corrected, we can do so, without retranslating the entire stone.  It would be a shame if you get 5 almost-identical replies via private email, which means that 4 people have expended time and effort for no reason.

(We can see each other's replies here, too, if we respond publicly.  However, as a helper I greatly prefer ViewMate; I suspect that other helpers would agree.)

Please reconsider your request.  The stones that you have shown are not simple "so-and-so, son/daughter of so-and-so, died on such-and-such-a-date".  They have a lot of text, and  may not be so easy to translate.  

Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA