meaning of word esboubem? #russia

Norma Klein

actually esboubem also reminds of portugese


If it is an expression used only by one family, it brings back the Yiddish phrase used toward the very elderly at the dining table, " Ess, boubele" or "eat, grandmother" kindly cajoling an elderly grandparent to eat what was put in front of them...

Trudy Barch

possibly Russian, possibly Yiddish, possibly Hebrew,   possibly English transliterated of a word.

Carole Shaw

I have already replied privately to the sender of the original message.


My view is that what is written is בלי בנים b(a)li bonim – without sons. S is often mistaken for  L.  It is unlikely to be Russian, as most Jews did not write in the language, and indeed I don’t recognise it as a Russian word.  Yiddish, however, is full of Hebrew expressions.


Carole Shaw, London UK
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David Barrett

May I enquire what language?

Linda Kelley

Google Translate suggests that esboubem means nearby.
Linda Wolfe Kelley
Portland, OR, USA

David Barrett

It might help if we could see the written word.I agree there is a difficulty in identifying the language

Trudy Barch

1)  Does anyone recognize/know this word ESBOUBEM?  It might be Russian or Yiddish or English transliterated of the word?


The writing, as best as I could read, was written by a 99 year old man. 

  At 2 years old my father was adopted by ?esboubem? family in Pinsk not having a son.  


2)  any historians around?   Where might I even start looking?   Russia 1890-1920


Thanks for any possible help.


Trudy Barch,  FL