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Judy Jackson

If you are interested in contacting a foremost researcher on the DNA of Greek Jews, their history,
and their migration patterns, please contact me and I will forward his name to you.
He has a large project on FamilyTreeDNA too.
Stay safe.


My husband's grandfather, Abraham Cohen, migrated around 1905 from Kastoria.
Barbara Cohen


Hi Barbara,
I believe your husband & I may be related - I have  Abraham Cohen from Kastoria
Abraham Solomon Cohen (1892-1977) - m Solica 
Is my 1/2 1st cousin 2x removed
You can contact me directly if you would like to compare details.
John Segedy

Russell Benghiat


I can trace my family back to Rabbi Isaac ben Jehuda ibn Giat, 1038-1089, chief Rabbi of Lucena, Spain. My family lived in Salonica and Rhodes in addition to Izmir, Turkey. They also intermarried with the Capuya and Huniu families of Rhodes.  I would very much appreciate learning of your contact.

Thank you,
Russell Benghiat

Susie Krumholz

My DNA shows a small amount of Greek background.  I have not figured out the exact ancestor line.  I do know that we are descended from some Spanish/Portuguese who fled the Inquisitions, moving through many countries. I would be interested in having your contact reach out to me.
Thanks for your referral!


I'm interested in knowing who this researcher is.

Ina Getzoff

It is probably possible that some of your ancestors who fled way back (you don't say how far back your research has gone) may have gone to Greece instead of the Ottoman Empire and there is a mix of family members from the Greek Isles somewhere in the family. Where did your family go and when? Remember-when the Spanish Inquisition started in March, 1492 some of the people that fled either went to Portugal or because the Sultan of Turkey offered asylum that is where they went. Can you give us some additional information. 
My paternal side of the family came from Istanbul, Turkey but a great aunt came from Salonika, Greece. 
Ina Getzoff
Delray Beach, Fla.


Judy, many of us are eager to contact the Greek researcher. What is the best way?
Barbara Cohen

Judith Berlowitz

It is incorrect to say that "the Spanish Inquisition started in March, 1492."  The Spanish branch of the Inquisition was set up in 1478 by the same so-called Catholic Sovereigns who signed the Edict of Expulsion in 1492, following over a century of pogroms promulgated mostly from various pulpits throughout Christian-occupied Spain as a part of the "reconquista". See

Judith Berlowitz
San Francisco

Ina Getzoff

I know that Wikepedia where you got your information says that the Edict of Expulsion ended in 1834 but in effect there were two different times that it ended. One was on Dec. 16, 1958 when the second Vatican Council formally and symbolically ended it and the second one was on March 31, 1992-500 years from when it officially started in Spain that King Juan Carlos signed the official document ending it. This was signed in a temple in Los Angeles, California. 
I don't doubt that you have some knowledge of this event but I am Sephardic and have done research on my family and this topic for many years. Hope this information is helpful to you.
Ina Getzoff (Algazi)
Delray Beach Florida