Found after 76 years descendants of the family who hid my mother and grandmother in Budapest in 1944 during the German Occupation and the Arrow Cross terror #hungary #holocaust

Andres Carciente

During the german occupation of Hungary (1944) my mother and my grandmother were hiding with a Hungarian family under false identification papers. At that time, my mother Agnes Friedman was 6 years old and she did not remember much details of that period such as the names of the family, the address, etc. My grandmother, Etelka Rapaport wife of Salamon Friedmann/ Falus passed away before I was born, so I did not have the opportunity to ask her about these events. By the end of May (2020) my mother showed me a postcard by email dated from 1947. The postcard was written by my grandmother to her (at that time my mother was studying in Switzerland in Kinderheim Lewenthal in Celerina). In that postcard my grandmother urged her to write to Turoczy Lajos  to an address she gives her. She said they moved from their previous place and are now living under this new address and that they are anxious to hear from her. I read the card but could not decipher my grandmother's handwriting, so I posted the card on Facebook on a site called Budapest through old photos ( Budapest regi kepeken) and at least 200 followers of the page deciphered the exact address and the name Turoczy. They explained that the street's name has been changed and did not figure in the present day city map. With this information I began to look for a Mr. Turoczy and in a short time I found someone with the same name aged 95. I obtained his phone number, called him but found out after a very friendly conversation that he was not the person we were looking for although he had the same name. A few days later, I was contacted by Mrs. Zsuzsa Toth who connected me with a journalist ( Endre Sal) who has a very popular Facebook page here in Hungary. He posted the whole story and asked for information about the descendants of Mr. Lajos Turoczy.

Later on a Mrs. Eva Turoczy contacts the journalist and she actually turned out to be the granddaughter of Lajos Turoczy and Iren Gruber, the couple we were looking for after so many years. We organized a meeting with her in the countryside where she lives.According to our jewish traditon, I placed some pebbles on the graves of the Turoczy couple buried in the beutiful garden of Mrs. Eva Turoczy. She gave me family photos and we had the opportunity to call my mother who lives in Caracas, to have a direct encounter with Eva Turoczy. We all consider a miracle that all these years the Turoczy family kept a photo of my mother as a young girl. They received that photo with a very simple but heartfelt message written in my grandmother's special handwriting but in the name of that little girl. The message said: thank you Lajos bacsi (uncle) and Iren neni(auntie) for saving us, signed Falus Agnes (after the war they changed the Friedman to Falus name). Some days later I met Eva Turoczy's elder brother Peter and his wife. He found among his family photos,photos from my grandmother holding his as a baby from 1947, the year he was born,showing that she remained in contact with the family also after the war!

All this happened after finding a postcard with a name, an address and nothing more was added to that information.

Angie Elfassi

Wow! what an amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing.

Are you familiar with Righteous Among the Nations - see attached link.


It is "an honorific used by the State of Israel to describe non-Jews who risked their lives during the Holocaust to save Jews from extermination by the Nazis".

Descendants of these wonderful families, who saved Jews, are more than entitled to receive commendations.

If you need any help in putting their names forward, contact me privately and I will see how I can help.

If someone in the group has a direct contact with Yad Veshem then perhaps they will 'pick up the gauntlet' 

Angie Elfassi




I was about to write the same as Angie. If not for wonderful and brave people like this many descendants and their families would have perished.  Schindler is one of the most famous listed as one of the Righteous Among Nations, but most people do not become famous like he did.  Most are ordinary people with extraordinary courage who are true to their moral compass.  How moving this story is and i will pass it on to my Hungarian Jewish Cousin whom i know will find this so touching as well. 
Sue Diamond 


What an uplifting post.  Thank you for sharing.  With so much negativism these days, it is good to be reminded of the "unheard of " people who help their fellow man, without wanting/expecting something in return, or to be featured in the nightly news.  How fortunate for your family. Good for you, too, for those who reached out to help make the re-connection between the family descendants.

Leah H. Snider

Susan J. Gordon

Andres - how can I contact you? Please let me know - I'm at sjgwed@...
Susan Gordon, member