Orange County Jewish Genealogy Societies Next Meeting Alex Krakovsky #announcements #events

Michelle Sandler

The Orange County JGS is having their next virtual meeting on Sunday July 26th at 10:00 am Pacific Time.  We are having Alex Krakovsky speak on his work in the Ukraine getting access and scanning Ukrainian Jewish Records and putting them up for free on the web.  Register at  Members are free.  Nonmembers are charged $5.00.  Membership price is reduced if you want to join for the Next 6 months.  August is Yuri Dorn speaking on Belarus, September is Stanley Diamond Speaking on JRI-Poland, October is Laura Diamond, November is Judy Baston speaking on Litvak SIG.
Michelle Sandler
President OCJGS
Vice President of Programming OCJGS
Librarian OCJGS
Westminster, CA

John Anderson

instead of Orange County, in the future please add Orange County, CA to differentiate from the myriad of other Orange Counties in our country.

John Anderson,
Orange County, FL