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Hi,                                                    16th July 2020

I happen to be born in TARCAL--Hungary--which was--in my childhood-- a few km from BODROKERESZTUR/ KERESZTIRE 

 The Village is on the River ' Bodrog'  where the River Tisza'   ( Linked to nearby town of TOKAJ--famous Tokaj  vine ) each other

There were a few 'villages' around the 'Kopasz Mountain' and we used to walk visit each other's homes, villages...

To my knowledge BODROGKERESZTURE--never was under Slovak Occupation.  I wonder, am I mistaken or not?

It is in BODROGKERESZTUR--where the famous --highly respected--by all faith--Rabbi Shaye Keresztire--was a Miracle Rabbi--.

On his 'Petira' even the Church bells were ringing out of respect.---based on my Late father's memory : The Rabbonim--'paskened'' that the 'coffin' of Rabbi Shaye --must remain stationary when the bells were ringing.--

Jew, None Jews were crowding the streets  and the roof-tops of houses,  of Keresztire--on Rabbi Shayele's Levaya.

As a child, I was there almost in every Yortzeith.

2. Your question about 'Olasz' I wonder if it is Bordrogolaszi?  or Olaszi--Olasz-Liszka-Tolcsva==three separate village 'was united as 'OLASZLISZKA'--

My late father's --mother's--nee/ Amalia/Malka Weisz were from OLASZLISZKA---FONY   ( Daughter of Dovid and Paje Weisz/nee Paje Neiman)  were from Olaszliszka-Tolcsva

3. As for the names : Chaya/ Chavi  or =Chayele
Chani or Hanni ==Channa-- Chavi  in my understanding it is a variation, of the same name,  in my view Chayele is  different girls name , but I keep in mind that there were 'nick-names'   which can be'linked' to any names..

Best wishes to you all

Veronika Pachtinger