LEMBERG/WIELKE OCZY geographically close? #galicia

Eileen Kessner

Found a possible Passenger Manifest for my Galitzianer GM... lists she came from "Lemberg", citizen of "Austria".  Her Petition for Citizenhip however lists place of origin as "Wieke-Oche, Aust.".  I referenced JewishGen Shtetl Seeker as I understand borders changed periodically.  Are these two places the same?  Thanks. 
-Eileen G. Kessner
Plano, TX USA

Alexander Sharon

Wielkie Oczy (literally: Big Eyes) are located in Poland on the Ukrainian border. Distance from Wielkie Oczy to Lviv in Ukraine is about 60 miles.
Alexander Sharon

Igor Holyboroda

Dear Eileen!
The village of Velyki Ochi (literal meaning: "the Big Eyes") is the old city/village/shtettl (around 1000 Jews living there in 1880), now it is at the territory of Poland, at the very Polish-Ukrainian border. The distance between Lviv and the village should be several dozens kilometers).
Igor Holyboroda,
Lviv-Lwow-Lemberg, Ukraine.

Dr.Josef ASH

No-no. they are not the same
Lemberg is the big town in Ukraine, today it is called Lvov (Lviv)
Wielkie Oczy (big eyes) is a settlment in S-E Poland, close to Ukrainian Border.
Ask Googl, it knows and shows the map
Josef ASH, Israel

Steven M. Greenberg

I have visited Wielkie Oczy.  There is a lovely restored synagogue at the entrance to the town and a gated cemetery with a few headstone artifacts.  I have many photos if you like.  The village is very close to the modern border with Ukraine, but at the time of Galicia (Austro-Hungarian Empire, pre WWI), it would have not been unusual to travel to Lemburg/L'viv/Lwow given the close distance--a half day's travel by buckboard--even closer by train.  

My portion of my family originated in Wielkie Oczy in the late 18th century--HOLTZ/HOLZ.

Marcel Apsel

My maternal grandmother is born in Wielkie Oczy in 1880; but I was unable to find her on the birth files of Wielkie Oczy of those times.


Marcel Apsel
Antwerp, Belgium