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David Ziants

I am descended maternally from the GEWELBE family from Warsaw. My third great-grandfather was
(Jacob GEWELBE), and am sure that many of the surviving records and indexes from Warsaw (including someone involved in the Warsaw uprising and also someone else who was on Schilndler's list in Karkow) with this name, were named after this common ancestor, or possibly after a namesake cousin.

One Jacques GEWELBE, born 1895 in Warsaw, lived in Nancy, France and his wife Leonie lived in Basel, Switzerland. They married in Nancy in 1922. I am trying to ascertain, or refute, that the parents of Jacques were Solomon Ephraim and Esther nee GELBROT. Esther died in 1899 (her gravestone can be found though Jewishgen search), and Solomon remarried to my great-grandmother Rebecca nee SINGER.

As is well known, many records are missing on JRI-Poland. I have written to the USA Holocaust museum as Jacques perished in the Holocaust, being on a transport from France to Aushwitz. There is a memorial for him, and also I have papers from the museum attesting to the above narrative, but so far have not been able to obtain names of Jacob/Jacques' parents. Am also being helped along by the organization:-

The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute

Jewish Genealogy & Family Heritage Center

ul. Tłomackie 3/5, Warsaw, Poland  

phone: +4822 828 5962

email: <familyheritage@...>

Facebook: Jewish Genealogy at JHI
Website: Genealogy Center of ŻIH

but, so far, they do not have this specific information.

I am not sure how much the Jewish community in Basel can help me with this, especially as only his wife and son actually lived in Basel before the War, and he continued to live in Nancy, no doubt supporting his family from there.

Does anyone know how it is possible to search records in Nancy, France either through the general archives or through the Jewish community there?
If there is a surviving record, then hopefully this will contain the information that I am seeking.

David Ziants
Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel
dziants AT (put "@" instead of " AT ").
Searching GEWELBE, SINGER  from Warsaw; REINA from Netherlands; MICHAELS from early 19th century Ashkenazi UK and Western Europe; VIEIRA, JUDA-RODRIGUEZ and all Sephardi families from Netherlands and UK; ZIANTS, ZENETSKY (became SCHLOSBERG), FRIEDMAN, ISMACH (became DAVIDSON and OSMAN), ALPERT from Narewka, Bialystok, Lomza, Lodz, Bielsk and Warsaw.

David Choukroun*:*?cDateBegin_range_date_min=1922&cDateBegin_range_date_max=1922

if you have the exact date of the wedding, it will be easier to parse the full 1922 documents

Hope you will find it

David Choukroun
Paris, France

On Sun, Jul 19, 2020 at 05:45 AM, David wrote:

David Ziants

Thank you very much for your help (also to someone who replied off list). Actually I made a mistake when I presented the marriage date. It was 1933 and not as I said. To be precise 4th Dec 1933 (or actually 2nd Dec according to the index there). In any case I succeeded in finding both the index and the record. It was helpful for my search that it was towards the end of the year because to go through more than 1000 records, with 6 records on a page and all the time having to adjust the resolution could have otherwise taken me all night. Would there have been an easier way to go to the record? Apart from the names and the date, the index doesn't give any more information.

Anyway, my issue has been resolved, and on the record it made it almost very clear that his father was my great-grandfather - just the a small switch around of the names. I.e instead of Shlomo Ephraim he wrote Ephraim Shlomo (using Polish spelling). Also it appears this way on a record in JRI Poland, and that was the name of his maternal grandfather after whom he was no doubt named. 


Svetlana Astakhova

French archives are actually very easy and a pleasure to search :). Here, I found the record of marriage of Gewelbe in Nancy in 1933 (see attached, bottom left). That's the table of marriages. I will now attempt to find the full record.

Svetlana Astakhova

Here is the full record of marriage :)

Source attached.

Svetlana Astakhova

It's generally easier to search french archives in a different way: First find the name in the 'tables', then confirm the date, then use the date and the name to find the actual record.

David Ziants

Understand. That makes sense. I think my issue is that I dropped out of school French...

Just couldn't see where I could put the name in the search engine for the Nancy archives.


David Ziants

Thank you.
Rather than do this (as I already have the record for this), it would probably be more productive to explain how to find without going one page at a time.