The child of a maid in Oberhausen #germany

Frantisek Csicso

Good day,
I turn to researchers who have some ancestors in the German city of Oberhausen, Rheinland, Prussen.
I wonder if it's not in your family history that any of your ancestors (or his relatives) have an illegitimate child with their maid.
The point is that my great-grandfather's mother (Jewish from Poland, Cielcza - Jarocin) worked as a maid and became pregnant. She said, that she must not and will never say, who the father of the child is.
When she gave the child up for adoption, she told the adoptive parents, never to forget that the boy is Jewish. I believe that his father was also a Jew, because my mother, whose boy was a grandfather, is also according to DNA 1/4 Ashkenazi jewish.
So I try to find my family (just for know where I come from, nothing more, nothing less)
the maid's name was Agata Podsadna, born 8.2.1878
the boy was named Kasimir.
Thank you for any help.

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Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Hello Frantisek,

if you knew, where Agata lived, you may find a hint for finding the ancestor 'involved'. Plus: young Jewish women usually would rather work in/for a Jewish and not for a Christian family. A maid normally lived with the family and she would have had to register when she moved to Oberhausen and took up work. Oberhausen has a city archive and they seem to have kept the population registers (Melderegister). But even if you find the family she worked for: the father of the child could bee a friend of the family, a neighbour, a co-worker...

Good luck for you further research! Regards from Germany

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