Martin family, Prestwich, England #unitedkingdom

Searching for Rebecca Martin, born abt 1859, lived in Strangeways neighborhood. Her parents were Harry Martin and Rosa Levy. Married Jacob Stein there in 1875, and they immigrated to Rochester, NY in 1885.
N.B. Prestwich, Lancashire is also known as Manchester.
Any info on family or area?
Thank you,
Judy Cohen. 
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Hi Judy,

I'm not sure I can help with tracing the family, but I can certainly supply you with information about the area, as I live in Prestwich!  Incidentally, your N.B. is a little wide of the mark - these days Prestwich is part of the Bury local authority area, which borders Manchester on its (Bury's) southern edge.

Using your info I spotted a birth record for a Rebecca Martin, birth registered in the June 1859 quarter in the Chorlton registration district.  Chorlton covered part of South Manchester, whereas of course Strangeways was (and is) north of Manchester City Centre.  No idea whether this is 'your' Rebecca - we'd need the actual birth certificate to check.  Anyway let me know if I can be of any more help.

Kind regards, Philip


Hi. I am a Mancunian. Strangeways was a predominately Jewish area in the 1880s and early 1900s. Prestwich was part of Manchester, Lancashire and is now part of Greater Manchester. It has a very large population of Jewish people and there is a local Jewish paper that has a roots page periodically. Maybe you can contact them. Hope this helps. regards Suzanne