Passage from Jaffa to LeHavre to Ellis Island #courland #latvia #russia


Try Gold Form
Search for  Hersche Shore using "sounds like" option on both first & last name.

I found these. You will have to look at the manifests to see if any are your person.
3  Schar, Hersch  Grachowa  11  1881-1882  1893  view  view  view
4  Scher, Hersch     46  1845-1846  1892  view  view  view
5  Scher, Hersch     19  1873-1874  1893  view  view  view
6  Schuhr, Hirsch     10  1882-1883  1893  view  view  view

Sherri Bobish

Hi Roberta,

Have you tried searching passenger manifests using a soundex search?  A very quick soundex search on Ancestry for surname SHORE finds alternative spellings, i.e. Schur, and many others.

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Roberta Lipitz

I have the ship's manifest that left out of Le Havre to Ellis Island July 1903 for My GGF Hersche Shore (together with his daughter/my Grandmother Fannie and a younger daughter. They were detained for LPC (a relative did come forward). He also might  have been questioned as to why he left the United States after having been here 1893-1896 ( I got this information from JewishGen which stated he may have had to leave for financial reasons, a victim of the Financial Panic of 1893-1897).

I realize this seems impossible, but my question is this - how could I go about finding any information of the 1893-1896 trip.  I do know that he originally came from Libau, Lativa, Courland, Russian Empire.

This information is now adding to a very complicated man!

Roberta Lipitz
Cherry Hill, NJ