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Fran Stark-Hundiak

I am hoping someone with experience in French Naturalization can assist.

I have 3 different documents with 3 different dates for my family's Naturalization.

The first one is        Record of the 3rd of September 1899 which lists my great grandfather only. Numéro de décret: Bulletin Nº 3365 Décret Nº 57354

The second one is  Record of the 25th of September 1901 which lists my great grandfather, great grandmother and 4 children, one of whom was born in France.   Numéro de décret: Bulletin Nº 3548   Décret Nº 63216

The third on is        Record of the 9th of December 1901 which lists the 4 children only, including the one born in France.  Numéro de décret: Bulletin Nº 3561 Décret Nº 63580

My questions are: 1) Why are there 3 dates and apparently 3 files?
                              2) Does this mean if I want the files for the Naturalization I need to ask for 3 separate files?
                              3) I live in the USA and I read nor speak French. Would it be best for me to hire a researcher to retrieve these files?

Thank you in advance.
Fran Stark-Hundiak
Michigan USA



David Choukroun

Hello Fran,
As discussed in private, can be helpful for others :
this is a long road to go from the Decret number to the effective file.  I am sure there is already an "How To" somewhere in this forum or here :

For your case,
- the file 3 Sept 1899 is showing that Joseph Strarikoff had a 5 years authorisation to live in France (that is not a French citizenship)

- the file 25th of September 1901 is showing the official French citizenship for the family

I am sorry I cannot find the last one -- will try later.

What matter is the reference 3302 x 99 written on the left side :  99 stands for 1899, 3302 is the exact file number

With this reference, you can ask the French National Archive to see (and scan) the corresponding file -- process is long (4 to 6 weeks minimum)

Those files are very very informative -- full family names, dates of arrival, sometimes pictures, handwritten mail etc...   or ... a simple declaration

I will chase it for you

Best regards


I would like to piggyback on this question to ask Fran where she got the records she mentions?  I don't know how to do that, and I have a couple of people I would love to find. Any help from anyone would be much apppreciated.

Carol Isenberg Clingan

Ilya Zeldes

Me too, would like to find out  how to get the decree of naturalization. I have the number and the year of naturalization (1947), but could not figure out how to get it… Any working suggestion is appreciated.



Ilya Zeldes

Fort Myers, FL


David Choukroun

@ Carol, Ilya,
to find the decret reference, you have to search into the "Journal Officiel de la République Française"

via for exemple;2

If you send me the name in private, I can probably search quickly for you


David Choukroun
Paris, France