Searching for records of RUSSMAN from Pinsk #belarus #names


You may wish to contact Jewish Tour (, a long established firm based in Minsk, which offers an in-depth genealogical service as well as heritage tours. Another avenue which you might pursue is to contact Hesed - Rachamin, (hesed@...), also in Minsk.  They can check to see if anyone with the family name you are seeking is listed on their register. 


Good day, I had found the gravestone of Jacob Russman, which indicates his father as Aron. Will keep searching...

Gerald and Margaret

As Pinsk is now in Belarus, try for the records in Belarus. 
I can recommend a charity helping the remaining Jews help themselves.  That includes genealogical research in the local archives on behalf of relatives worldwide.   Its directors are based in London and Minsk.   Try contacting "The Together Plan" on london@...

Margaret Levin 
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thanks so much for the info, will check that & see what I can find. Best regards


thanks Corinne.  Yes I checked all those Canadian records/databases, all I could find were naturalization records, which indicated only the country of birth.



Rusman Movsha is on the list of electors to the Duma in 1906 for the Pinsk district. His father had a double name Leiba-Yankel. 
Yankel in English-language records very often became Jacob. Movsha is quite suitable for the role of Jacob's father by age (in 1906 he had property or income). Moreover, Jacob himself could have been born around 1890-1900 and, according to the Jewish tradition, receive the name of his grandfather.
Not the worst version in the absence of other sources. Try looking for information about Movshe Rusman and his children (maybe in the lists and documents on Yad Vashem?).

I can also advise you to open a family topic by searching in the English-language section of the Russian site Jewish roots - there are many experienced researchers there, maybe they will suggest something.



thanks Sherri.  I believe that if an exact match search is not selected, then Ancestry, JewishGen, etc.  automatically use soundex.  Nevertheless, I’ve tried that as well as numerous similar spellings as well. Have experienced instances where the surname was spelled 4 or 5 different ways for the same family! Will keep trying!  Any other suggestions, websites, etc. would be appreciated.

Sherri Bobish

S. Geller,

Have you tried searching passenger manifest databases using a soundex search?  The surname may have had a somewhat different spelling at that point, or been transcribed incorrectly into the searchable index.


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Good day, based upon Canadian military records, Jacob and Ida (nee Karpman or Star) were married on June 21, 1918, in Pinsk Poland, and their son David was born on Dec. 10, 1919, also in Pinsk.  Any actual birth or marriage records would be appreciated, as well as any records of Aron Russman (father of Jacob) or Avraham Karpman (father of Ida) and their relatives.  Also cannot locate any records of passenger lists of them emigrating to Canada (they settled in Montreal, Quebec).

Thank you,
S. Geller