Hungarian Elementary School Yearbook records #hungary #education

Ed Zwieback

I received several pages from "Elementary School Yearbooks" for years 1894-98, for grades 1-3.  These are formal printed pages with up to 40 student names (all boys) and their scores in up to 14 subjects. I have lost contact with my source and don't know where these came from.  I have never seen any records like these.  I welcome any info on where these books can be accessed.  I'll be happy to send these pages to anyone interested.

Ed Zwieback


Dear Ed Zwieback,                                             21st July 2020

I wonder, name of Primary schools, or name of Villages , towns from Hungary/Old Hungary

I, might be able to help with some translations, if you e-mail them to me --via enlarged pages--one by one.

You are free to e-mail it direct to:paveanyu@...

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Veronika Pachtinger


I received several pages from "Elementary School Yearbooks" for years
1894-98, for grades 1-3. .... [I] don't know where these came from.
Hungaricana ( has some yearbooks, but most of them are on ADT+ (the pay portion of

(School records are fun. My grandfather graduated with a C, his younger brother with a B, and their youngest brother -- who unfortunately passed away a month after graduation -- had straight A's throughout. He also got an award for a novella, which I now want to track down, but the school's website has been hacked....)

Oh, but keep in mind that "grades 1-3" may not be what you think: in an 8-year "middle" school (középiskola), they'd correspond to approximately grades 5 to 7 by U.S. reckoning. Most of the school records I've seen have been for such schools, with some college/university mixed in. Up to fourteen subjects sounds like one of them, not actual elementary (ages 6 to 10ish), which was generally local, coed, with one or two teachers, and did not print up fancy end-of-year reports.

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Peter Cherna

I have found some elementary school yearbooks on, in case someone is interested in hunting.

(I was searching by family name, which is viable for unusual family names but hopeless for common ones.) Mostly I found class lists and was able to narrow down birth year for some unknown relatives. I did find one reference with date of birth for my grandfather's brother, whose exact birth was unknown, but given the day/month from this document, and knowing the year within one (from the class the person was in), and guessing at which district of Budapest, I was able to find his birth record, that was not indexed.