Grodner family in Argentina #general

Salinger Ralph

I am trying to find the descendants of Leiser Grodner born in 1870 and his family who moved to Argentina. I have no experience in tracing in Argentina and would appreciate any help.

With many thanks

Ralph Salinger

Kfar Ruppin




Ralph, I tried
and could not find any Grodner that arrived or died in Buenos Aires, where the vast majority of Jews live.
Do you have any more information? Is it possible he went to another country?
I also found an interesting site at

Good luck in your search

Angel Kosfiszer
Richardson, Texas

Mario Stecher

I suggest you to contact "Grupo de AGJA Paul Armony". You can find them on Facebook.

It's a good beginning

Mario Stecher.


Hi Ralph.  I contacted Estela at AGJA (Argentinan JGS) and she was so helpful.  Her email is consultas.agja@...
Also check out their FB page

Good luck
Lia Sragovicz