What happened to uncle Michel ROTMAN ? #poland

Marilyn Marme

My friend recently discovered a paternal uncle she was never told about remained behind in Poland after his siblings and mother emigrated to the USA. This uncle was mentioned on his mother's ( Rose Rothman) final citizenship papers as living in Poland in 1944. ( The same papers also stated that her husband Moszek/Morris/Moszko ROTMAN  had died in Poland in 1941). We were able to find Michel's birth registration which stated that he was born in Zareby Koscielne on December 7, 1906 to Moszko ROTMAN and Rejza (Reiza) Tuchsnadjer. That is all we have found.
All of my friends paternal first cousins have passed. She has found nothing about this uncle in her parents papers. I have searched USHMM, Arolsen Archives and Jewish Gen with no results. As a non Jewish newbie family researcher, I am at a loss. 
Marilyn F Marmé
Moorpark, CA 

Aaron Slotnik

Hi Marilyn,

It's possible that this Michal Rotman who has a Page of Testimony at Yad Vashem is the man you are seeking (https://yvng.yadvashem.org/nameDetails.html?language=en&itemId=558549&ind=1).  Unfortunately, it doesn't have his parents' names but he was living in Ostrow Mazowiecka which is not far from Zareby Koscielne.  Hopefully this helps.


Sherri Bobish

Hi Marilyn,

Perhaps a Page of Testimony was written for him?  You can search at Yad Vashem.
This is the link to the advanced search page:

You can search by name and/or location, i.e. town of birth.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Miriam Bulwar David-Hay

I suggest that you or your friend contact the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw (known by its Polish acronym, ZIH). It has a great deal of information on survivors from all over Poland just after the war, and possibly beyond that. There are contact details in the website: http://www.jhi.pl/en/genealogy

All the best,
Miriam Bulwar David-Hay,
Raanana, Israel. 

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Marilyn Marme

Aaron, I think this is a strong possibility! When his mother and other siblings left Poland, they all stated on the passenger manifests that their closest relative living in Poland was Moszek Rotman (Michel 's father) residing in Ostrow. They must have lived there for quite a while, so the nephew would assume Michel was born there. Thank you so much for your help. 

Lewis, Megan

According to the Virtual Shtetl article for Ostrow Mazowiecka  https://sztetl.org.pl/en/towns/o/53-ostrow-mazowiecka/99-history/137809-history-of-community
the majority of the Jews were killed in mass shootings in September or November 1939. This would explain the lack of paper records.  Another scenario is that he fled east into Soviet territory and died there ( for example many Polish Jewish refugees were sent to Siberia.)  

Megan Lewis, librarian
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Marilyn Marme

Thank you, yes  i have been reading the histories and it seems unlikely that my friend's grandfather survived till 1941 and her uncle till 1942. But the testimony on yavashem says Michal (and his wife and 4 children) died in 1942 in Ostrow.