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Alan Shuchat

It's hard to tell from this image but familysearch has a clearer one. It looks to me like "Daughter Perle Bragarnick". The address is "Ribwaya St.", probably Rybvaya Street, "Tiraschpol Chersonsky Russia", probably the city of Tiraspol, Kherson gubernia (province), in the Russian Empire. Tiraspol was in Odessa uezd (district), and the family's last address was Odessa. The second page of the manifest shows that the mother and children were all born in Odessa. Incidentally, the name Worobiew, or Vorobev, comes from the Russian word for sparrow.
Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA

Barbara Rice

I think it is
daughter, Perle Brazarnick, Ribivaja St., Quamjol, Chersonsky, Russia -   best I can make out - I did find the manifest to be able to enlarge it - here:

Barbara Rice, Minneapolis MN
Researching Rusonick>Rice Polotsk - New York City, Providence RI; Rohssler - Krakow;  Zuchovitz - Stowtsby; Kupferschmidt - Radziechow (Radekhiv Ukraine); Rehfeld - Gollub-Dobrzyn


What I can make out is "Ribiosya something something something Russia" and below the name, "Sister". Can we see this larger?
Per the column heading, it is supposed to be the name and address of someone back home, and it looks like it is.

Good luck
Robert Roth
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Nina Tobias

Dear Helpful People,

Attached is the Ellis Island record of arrival for my paternal great-grandmother and two of six her children (lines 22-24).

Her name is written as Chaje Worobiev. She gave her sister as the nearest relative left at home. This name and other information is on the far right. I would greatly appreciate any guesses as to what is written.

fyi - her actual name was Chava Vorabyev nee Bayliss or Beiliss. She and the children traveled to Chicago to join her husband Leib Vorabyev. They became Ida and Lou Goldman. Insert laugh here.

Thanks so much,
Nina Tobias
Scottsdale, Arizona

HOROWITZ (Iasi & Odessa)
TOBIAS (Rymanow, Galicia)
SWARTZ (Iasi, Romania)