DNA and Gedmatch #dna


Please anyone match my gedmatch   A490637 

Max Heffler

Gedmatch is down for maintenance, probably due to the breach


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Please anyone match my gedmatch   A490637 


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Jill Whitehead

I think it is a pity that Ancestry DNA does not offer the same services as FTDNA, 23andme and MyHeritage, with the result you have to ask possible relatives to put their data on Gedmatch, and in 9 cases out of 10, they will not do this, which is frustrating.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Bob Silverstein

GEDmatch has been hacked.  If you have an account, you should have an email from them.  The site is down indefinitely.  Once it is back up, reset your police sharing and password.  They report phishing emails coming from MyHeritage so be exceedingly careful about all messages coming from MyHeritage.

Jeffrey Herrmann

Roberta Estes reported on her blog that the fraudulent emails are coming from “MyHeritaqe,” — that’s a q where there should be a g — not from MyHeritage.


Gedmatch is still down


Ancestry recently announced they will be giving more details about dna matches such as segment lengths and cM per segment ( hope I got that right). It’s coming this August. 

Bob Silverstein

GEDmatch is back up.  You might want to change your password.