Can you help me identify this town? Nowe Skrezepiec, Poland #poland

Todd Cohn

This is the name of the town/city that was listed on an AJDC emigration index card.
I looked on JewishGen KehillaLinks and JRI Poland but didn't find anything. 
The daughter of the person who's birthplace I'm trying to find said she pronounced it "Nova Shapeecha"
Any help you can offer is much appreciated!



From wikipedia:

Nowy Sącz (Polish pronunciation: [ˈnɔvɨ ˈsɔnt͡ʂ]; Hungarian: Újszandec) is a city in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship of southern Poland. It is the district capital of Nowy Sącz County as a separate administrative unit. Founded by the Duke of Kraków on 8 November 1292, New Sacz (known also by other names) is one of the oldest cities in the Lesser Poland region, with a population of around 83,896 as of 2018.

Alexander Sharon

This appears to be to be town Krzepice near Czestochowa. Nowe Krzepice, a Jewish town, have been integrated within Krzrepice.

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor