Trying to obtain a 1922 birth certificate from Oradea (Nagyvarad), Romania #romania #hungary #general

Peninah Zilberman


Since its less than 100 yrs., the Archives don’t have copies of the registry books yet.


Write to the Jewish Community Center of Oradea

President Mr. Koppelman

Rabbi Shria

I am sure they will try and assist you on your mission

Definitely to change the cross into a Magen David


Good Luck Peninah


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Shimona Kushner

Renier, I am copying a message from a good friend of mine whose family is from Oradea originally, then moving to France.  She has some good hints for finding the information that you need.  She says that you can write the Jewish community (link below) in English.  They are very helpful:

There is – or was a Jakab family from Nagyvarad – today Oradea, ten persons of that name were deported on May 3, 1944. I could let you have their names if it helps. I believe your best bet is contacting the Jewish community in Oradea such as it is. Let me find the link for you and think of other ways to help.

Doesn't the relative have a copy of his identity card? Hope all this is helpful.

Shimona Kushner

David Choukroun

On Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 04:31 PM, David Choukroun wrote:
@ Reiner

Dear Reiner,

I had a look to the usual french database for the soldier dead during WW2 here :
Unfortunately without success

Is there more details available ?



David Choukroun

On Wed, Jul 22, 2020 at 05:00 AM, Reinier wrote:
Georges (Gheorghe) Jakab
@ Reiner,

I can see a Georges Jakab into the Journal Officiel de la République Francaise

But the date is weird -- 01 Feb 1943 : it would mean he requested a french citizenship the same year he died.  - if we are lucky, a copy of his birth certificate might be recorded into this file.
Lets check first this is the right one.

Unfortunately, the right web site (SHD in Vincennes, France) is down those days. We have to wait to check if there is a file "as resistant".

Can you please indicate the location of the picture, the location of the death (and possibly the exact date) ?  It will help to search into the Press as well

Best regards