SAM WEISSBERGER - help in the US - second part #usa


On the 4th of July I posted here a question about my great grandmother's brother: SAM WEISSBEREGER.

I got a lot of help and I would like to thank all of you.

However, I do have some more questions:

  1. You were kind enough to point me to the form for ordering the claim about death from U.S. Social Security. The form has some alternatives. What is better to order:

           Photocopy of original application or a computer extract?

            Will any of those include details of the next of kin?

  1. You were kind enough to point me to the graves of Sam, his wife Saidie (may be Szure) And his son David. I now have a picture of their graves. From the picture I now know that Sam had a grandchild (at least one) from his son David. I found a record from the US 1940 census where the household has 5 people:

Sam Weissberger and his wife

David Weissberger, his wife Irene and their daughter Rita.

According to the census Irene was born on 1912 and Rita on 1931.

The only chance to find any family member is probably Rita. How would you suggest to go on finding her? Or her descendants? 



Nava Giron