Technical problem with Latvia database #latvia


Is anyone else having trouble accessing the 'book of images' from the Latvia Marriages and Divorces Database?  For each entry, the rightmost column contains a link "Click to view book of images", however clicking these links just brings up "404 Not Found".  Is there any way to alert the administrators of the target site to see if they can fix this?  I did visit the JewishGen Support Center and filled in and submitted the Technical Support Form, but all this appeared to yield was a couple of identical "Undeliverable Mail" email replies to me, so I have no idea whether the JGen techies have received my problem report.  Help!!

Stephen Weinstein

The Latvian State Historical Archives, which runs the Raduraksti site, has changed it and none of the links that were indexed will work.

The website to look at the books of records has been changed to
Registration page is now
Jewish records are at

In theory, you should be able to navigate from there to the book you want.

If that doesn't work, there is a way to bypass the website's interface and go directly to a JPG of the page of records you want.  Anyone who needs to do this, send me your e-mail address so I can send you instructions for how to find the link for the page you want in a private message.  (I'm not posting it here because there's a question of whether accessing the JPG directly without going through the registration process is close enough to hacking that the instructions are not allowed to be posted on the discussion group.)

Rather than fixing the links to Raduraksti, the Latvia SIG's plan is to replace them with links to see the same records on; if you wish to participate in this project, please e-mail Paul Cheifitz <paulcheifitz@...> and Marion Werle <canadagenes@...> and copy Avraham Groll <agroll@...>.

Stephen Weinstein

Renée K. Carl

It appears that Raduraksti has launched a new website! The marriages will be filed under
I will be sure to notify the Latvia team at JewishGen and we will work to address the problem. Will also look to get you a work around, will take a couple days.
Thanks for your patience
Renee Carl
Washington DC