Links to the Raduraksti Latvian Archives #latvia


I used to be able to get into the Latvian archives from the links in the Latvian database of JewishGen.  The archive seems to have changed its address and my registration has disappeared.  I found the archive but have been unable to re-register.  What has happened to the JewishGen links and how to I re-activate my registration?  Can anyone help?   Thanks for your assistance.

Arlene Beare

You are quire right we have a problem. When the Raduraksti site upgraded their site our links were broken. We now have a mammoth task to reconnect them either to Raduraksti or to Family Search  images.

There is also a problem with the search on the Latvia database. Jewishgen has been alerted and are attending to the problem. Hopefully they will get it fixed quickly.

Arlene Bear
Co-director Latvian Research

Arlene Beare

Sorry I missed the question about registration on the Raduraksti site.  You have to re-register as it is a new site which means a new username and password.

Arlene Beare
Co-director Latvian Research.

Stephen Weinstein

Registration page is now