Help me find 1915 birth record from Harsány, Hungary #hungary

Moses Jefferson

Hello all,

I’ve been endlessly trying to get a copy of me grandmothers birth record. Having contacted different offices of the Hungarian archives, each office refers me to the next without offering any help. Without giving up, I ask from readers who can offer any advice how to actually obtain the record.

She was born in Harsány, which is currently in the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County in northeastern Hungary.

Advice would be appreciated!

Moses Jefferson 
London, UK


sylvia vanderhoeft

Hi Moses,
Try writing to the head Rabbi in the synagoge in Budapest,. He refered me to the right person to help with my husbands family tree , his family came from Màd, north of Miscolc.Failing that you could try Marian Frank, at the Jewish museum in Màd, she helped us getting the right information on births.  She is in charge of the renovation of houses and synagoges in the whole area around Miscolc.
Wishing you succes.
Sylvia Stein
Antwerp, Belgium


Unfortunately, like for most of what was Borsod county, the civil registers were only filmed up to 1908 from Harsány ( The other obstacle is that the current privacy law is so insanely badly written that archives are using 130 years as the cutoff for birth records, just so they don't inadvertently expose themselves to prosecution. Given that civil registration only started 125 years ago, one result of this is that civil birth records are not available at all from archives or registry offices. If you can show that you're direct family and that the person is deceased, then you can request an extract, but it's the classic chicken-and-egg: they won't do research for you, so you need to already know where/when the event happened in order to get the extract that might tell you where/when it happened.

I assume you've already tried the registry office in Harsány? I don't know what to suggest beyond that. I haven't actually interacted with a registry office in decades, so I don't really know what the current setup and situation is.

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