Voliakas / Voliack / Wollock & Perevosnik from Shtayatsishisok / Stajetiske #lithuania

Simon Kreindler

My wife’s family comes from Shtayatsishisok / Stajetiske, a shtetl in the subdistrict of Adutiskis in the Sencionys municipality of Lithuania.

Her paternal GF’s surname was variously spelled Voliakas / Voliack / Wollock and her paternal GM’s surname was Perevosnik.

On arrival in Canada in 1924, her father and siblings settled in Montreal and changed their surname to Wolfe. Another member of the family apparently changed his name to Greenberg.

If any of this resonates, my wife would be pleased to hear from you.

Simon Kreindler



Eric Svirskis



Bingo (I think).


The resonation, allowing for transliterations my maternal grandmother, GITL WOLIK had a brother CHLOINE/LAPIDUS … he married a PEREVOSNIK. It sounds promising, I think, as the area is the general area is the same.


If you think so please contact me on < svire@... >.


Eric Svirskis,

Melbourne, Australia.


Interested in: FLEXER; GANTOVNIK; GASKIN; GROSBEIN; KLUMEL, MALACKA; MUSZKATBLAT; NAREV; OKUN; PORUS; RUDNITZKI; SRAGOWITZ; SVIRSKI, SVIRSKIS,SWIRSKY or SHVERSKE; WOLAK, or VOLIK; & SILVERMAN or ZILBERMAN’ from: Belarus & Lithuania: Adutiskis; Danilovich/Daniloviciaia; Dolhinov; Kovno/Kaunas; Mielagėnai/Melegan; Panevesz; Shtayachisok, or Widze/Vidzy.