military notebook #bessarabia

Yefim Kogan


I think we saw here TWO different documents.
I believe that Adrian's document was given after the service ended.  It says in the beginning "Uvolnitelnyy bilet", which is given when person is dismissed.

Larry's document is different. It is like a certificate that a person completed his service and now he is in "opolchenie" - militia and will be going to service in time of war, etc.

All these documents have a lot of information for  genealogists.

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I have one for my great grandfather and it is about 15 pages or so with entries about all of his service time. It included a marriage that I did not know about. I have attached a scan of the cover of the booklet. 
Larry Bassist
Springville, Utah

Erika Gottfried

Adrian, I've been groping for a term to describe your grandfather's document.  Would it be accurate to describe it as (or being equivalent to) what's known in the U.S. military as "discharge papers"? That is--was it a document he held while serving in the military or one that was issued to him after his military service ended.

I'm inquiring at some length because it seems like a good source of information and I'd like to be able to search for more of these--but it would make it a whole lot easier to look if I knew what the document is called. 
Erika Gottfried
Teaneck, New Jersey