Reaching Out to Budapest City Archives for Resident Information (late 1800's to early 1900's) #galicia #hungary


People have already mentioned Hungaricana in general. Specifically for residents of Budapest in exactly that early-20th-century time period, they have a series of city directories (like a phone book, but minus the phone numbers):

I don't have any experience with contacting the city archives, but their website has some possibly-relevant material:

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Yaron Wolfsthal

Thank you, yes, I have carried out an online search on Hungarikana/Arcanum. I am now looking for additional information beyond those, such as resident lists and the like (which I'd expect to find in a city archive).
That was the motivation for my question about experience with that archive.

Besides that, your response is interesting with regard to the comment on "Some of it can be accessed only locally." - can you please elaborate? Examples of material that is only available for walk-in research?

Thank you - Yaron

Judy Petersen

Hi Yaron,
     MACSE (Hungarian Society for Family History Research) is an excellent resource for post 1895 Budapest vital records.  Its database is compiled by volunteers, so it is incomplete, but it is definitely worth a look before you go to the trouble of contacting the City Archives of Budapest.  The database is compiled from the civil records that have been digitized on familysearch, but the MACSE transcriptions are not available in the familysearch website.
     MACSE is fee for service ($30/year) and it can be a bit tricky to sign up (I can give you the email of the person who helped me).
     If you want to contact me privately, I'd be happy to do a short lookup and let you know what kinds of records, if any, are available for your relative.



Following. I have the same issue. Old letters from a relative for which I’ve hit a brick wall. Thanks


Hi, Did you try  or
These contain useful info. Some of it can be accessed only locally.

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,
A relative lived in Budapest between 1896 and 1920.

I'd be happy to hear if fellow researchers on this group had any experience in reaching out to the City Archives of Budapest to explore the existence of information from that period.

Thank you - Yaron