Looking for possible relatives in Israel for 91-year-old Holocaust survivor #holocaust

Vicki Schulkin

I recently learned through DNA testing that I am one of a handful of people distantly related to a woman in New York City who was sent to Auschwitz at age 12, and was the only survivor in her family. For all these years Paula has had no known relatives. Some of us now call her regularly, write and send pictures, which thrill her. The exact relationship is irrelevant to her — simply having any relatives seems to have changed her life.

She says that her mother had a brother who was already living in Israel (Palestine) before the war; that he lived in Tel-Aviv; and sold Singer sewing machines. His last name would have been Moskowitz, which was her mother’s maiden name. They were all born in the town of Velkiy Berezna (Nagyberezna) in Subcarpathia.

Paula is 91 (born 17 Dec. 1928, according to Hungarian birth records we’ve found). She wonders if her uncle might have grandchildren in Israel. Obviously time is of the essence, and I would appreciate any suggestions for how I might search for possible cousins in Israel.

Thank you!

Vicki Schulkin


I suggest that you contact the Israel Genealogy Society - someone there may be able to helop you. 
Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

ירוחם צבי קינסטליך

My father survived from holocaust  from Poland 



What were Paula's parents' names? Did Paula's mother have any other siblings? What were Paula's mother's parents and grandparents (if Paula knows)? Any other information re. Paula/her family?